• Action
  • Hindi
  • 2017
  • 01h : 43m : 16s

    Audio: Hindi

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Narayan is a simple man and a father, living a simple life. His son Kabir is his pride and joy. Kabir is surrounded by friends and peers who seem to have it all, the great bikes, latest phones, fast cars, etc. All this and more given to them by their rich fathers. On the other hand Kabir's father, Narayan, cannot afford anything beyond a bus ticket for his son. Seeing all his friends living this indulgent lifestyle, Kabir often feels short changed by his father, a traditional man, working as a simple Security Supervisor. One day, Kabir's friends, who seem to be making a lot of money themselves, offer him an opportunity to make a quick buck. Egged on by desperation and greed for a similar lifestyle, an unsuspecting Kabir takes a shortcut to money making, and soon finds himself in big trouble. Narayan fights to win back his son and also his dignity, honour, and respect.


Rahuul Aamath,Eklavey Kashyap,Deepak Mehrotra

Directed By

Jogesh Sehdeva

Content Advisory

Action,Motivational Drama