Ankur: The Seedling

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1974
  • U
  • 00h : 17m : 02s

    Audio: Hindi

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Dealing with class oppression in rural India, Ankur follows the story of a married dalit couple, Lakshmi (Shabana Azmi) and Kishtaya (Sadhu Meher). They work for a wealthy, landlord’s spoilt son, Surya (Anant Nag), who has returned home to look after the estate and has recently married a child bride, Saru. When Surya and Laksmi give in to lust in the absence of their partners, Lakshmi gets pregnant. Surya is unprepared to face reality and goes to great lengths to keep this a secret, including physically assaulting Kishtaya. Will their relationship ever come to the fore? Can Lakshmi overcome her guilt? Ankur is a commentary on the leading social issues of it's times, bringing forth not only issues like feudal opression, child marriage, religious demarcations and dowry, but also controversial subjects like lust, infidelity and alcoholism. Shabana's nuanced performance in the film is a glimpse into the stellar theatre artist she is.


Shabana Azmi,Sadhu Meher,Anant Nag,Priya Tendulkar,Dalip Tahil,Aga Mohammed Hussain,Mirza Qadir Ali Baig,Hemant Jeshwant Rao,Master Satyanarayan,Shesham Raju

Directed By

Shyam Benegal