• Family
  • Gujarati
  • 2005
  • V/U
  • 01h : 56m : 39s

    Audio: Gujarati

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An alchoholic husband Anand and a loving wife Priya try a lot to save their marriage. But it is too late. Despite having son (Hardik), they are not able to reconcile their differences and go apart. Years later, Hardik is diagonsed with a mysterious ailment. Some part of his body needs to be transplanted. However, for this transplant, Priya and Anand need to come together and give birth to another child. Second child could donate some organ to Hardik and he would survive. Will Priya agree?


Homi Wadia,Ami Trivedi,Sameer Shah,Anand Goradia,Sharad Sharma,Devyani Thakar,Bijal Mehta,Alpesh,Nilesh Brahmbhatt

Directed By

Homi Wadia