• Family
  • Gujarati
  • 1988
  • V/U
  • 01h : 47m : 26s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Happiness is a state of mind. To be happy or otherwise depends more on mindset than circumstances. During his last breath, Niyati’s father teaches her to be happy desipte all adversities. After father’s demise, Niyati starts staying with her insensitive and broken-hearted Kanchan aunty. She finds a reason to be happy even when she is punished or ill-treated by her aunt. Even when catastrophe strikes on her, she does not lose her courage. With her pleasing personality, she wins over everyone around except her aunt. Will she ever be able to bring happiness in her aunt’s life?


Priti Jain,Kamlesh Mota,Dharmendra Gohil,Dilip Rawal,Arvind Vaidhya,Naresh Shah

Directed By

Kamlesh Mota