Saath Saath

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1982
  • 00h : 16m : 56s

    Audio: Hindi

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Avinash (Farooq Sheikh) is an unyielding, idealistic young man with firm principles. He is not easily affected by greed and riches and he does not let emotions rule over his mind. After marrying his classmate and expecting their first child, Avinash feels financially burdened and joins a friend’s publishing house. He soon begins to tread the very path he loathed earlier, of seeking wealth and being ruthless in business to earn profit. Flabbergasted by his changing attitude, his wife leaves him and the abandonment turns his world upside down. Will Avinash realise his mistake before it’s too late?


Farooq Sheikh,Deepti Naval,Neena Gupta,Satish Shah,A. K. Hangal,Rakesh Bedi,Iftekhar,Avtar Gill,Javed Khan,Yunus Parvez,Anjan Srivastav

Directed By

Raman Kumar