Sang Tane Chhe Rang

  • Family
  • Gujarati
  • 2004
  • U
  • 02h : 21m : 50s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Amrutlal Sanghvi is a self made millionaire. He has built his mighty empire from scratch. Nothing matters more to him than his principles, integrity and family values. Though the same statement cannot be made for his son Avinash and daughter-in-law. In their blind pursuit of their ambition to make their business empire the biggest and richest in India, they totally ignore the upbringing of their children. When matters get worse, Amrutlal decides to file a suit in court against his own son Avinash and daughter-in-law. What will be the consequences of this lawsuit for the entire Sanghvi Family? Will they ever reunite?


Mehul Buch,Sachi Joshi,Anurag Prapanna,Babul Vhavsar,Devyani Thakkar,Sharad Sharma,Henish

Directed By

Deepak Dave