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  • Chod Ke Mathura
  • Hinduism
  • Hindi

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Age Ratings : All Ages Experience rich Hindu divinity while exploring some of India's culturally plush and inviting locations. These documentaries capture the splendor of India's most revered pilgrimage sites and treat your eyes to divine presence. Experience the daily rituals and practices carried out by devotees to appease the Lord, and also understand the reason and stories behind rituals. The carefully selected temples are hidden away in the depths of natural beauty, and surrounded by few human settlements. Though difficult to get to, these temples are frequented by devotees from all around the world. With this series, you'll get a birds' eye view of the temple and it's surroundings. Whether you're planning a pilgrimage to the holy destination or simply seeking information on India's rich religious heritage, this series can be your go-to guide to the Ultimate Religious Getaways in India. Get the joy and satisfaction of visiting a pilgrimage site, without having to leave home.