Taxi Driver

  • Musical
  • Hindi
  • 1954
  • 00h : 19m : 48s

    Audio: Hindi

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Taxi Driver is a nostalgic journey through Bombay during the classic 50s. The story carries you to an era when Bombay was place of peace and quiet, full of scenic beauty, electric trams, and a unique taxi driver: Mangal (Dev Anand). Mangal is known as 'Hero' amongst his friends for his altruistic characteristics. He drives a taxi by day and drinks to sleep at night listening to the seductive club dancer Sylvie (Sheila Ramani) who harbours feelings for him. One day, following his routine, Mangal happens to rescue Mala (Kalpana Kartik) from two street goons. Mangal then attempts to take Mala to Ratanlal, a music director, that she seeks to meet, but to no avail. The duo sets on the trail of Ratanlal's again, only to end up on an adventurous journey that cultivates their friendship into an unexpressed heartwarming romance. But, when Mala learns about Sylvie, she decides to leave Mangal. Meanwhile, Mangal chances upon Ratanlal, but Mala is nowhere to be found. However, as the fate would have it, circumstances lead Mala to Mangal again and he then takes Mala to meet Ratanlal. Subsequently, Mala's talent is recognised and she becomes a famous singer. Will Mala and Mangal ever get a chance to express their love for each other?


Dev Anand,Kalpana Kartik,Sheila Ramani,Johny Walker,Rashid Khan

Directed By

Chetan Anand