GST - Galti Sirf Tumhari - Promo

  • Romance
  • Hindi
  • 2017
  • 00h : 02m : 00s

    Audio: Hindi

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Three college friends, Arjun, Mayank, and Ravi live a carefree life. On a romantic getaway with their respective girlfriends – Varsha, Riya and Anjali. Mayank and Ravi get attracted to another woman at a party named Maya. They follow her to the basement with sinister intentions. Things take a different turn when Maya gets grievously injured. Mayank and Ravi run away before they can be discovered. As Maya is about to breathe her last, the rest of the gang comes to her rescue but fails to keep her alive. Before dying, however, Maya utters a few names that give rise to a whole new set of problems, including revenge and heart-pounding thrill.


Navi Bhangu,Poonam Pandey,Manisha Thakur,Ravi Yadav,Anita Raghav,Mayank Rajput

Directed By

Suryakant Tyagi