Poori Paani - Promo

  • Drama
  • Gujarati
  • 2021
  • 00h : 02m : 32s

    Audio: Gujarati

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Manan, a sincere, Introvert and studious teenager; falls in love with the Fiery and chirpy Mansi in the last year of college. These two extremely opposite personalities become friends and before they realise friendship turns into love. This High-school love story takes a bitter turn when Manan leaves without any closure and Mansi is left heart broken. This event affects Mansi in many ways. She not only gets damaged emotionally but it affects her career too. She fails in her exams, and couldn't study further as Madhur's memory kept on haunting her for a long time. After all these years, Manan has become a successful Businessman and has a glittery career graph. On the other hand, Mansi who wanted to become a Psychologist, now holds a diploma in fashion designing. When they meet again in an arranged marriage setup, shocked and surprised with this serendipity Manan and Mansi are clueless about how to react in front of their families. Later Manan tries to win his love back


Jhinal Belani,Bhaumik Sampat,Muni Jha,Sejal Shah,Bhavini Jani,Sunil Vishrani,Sonali Lele Desai,Deep Dholakia,Charmy Panchal,Kaushambi Bhatt,Pinky Parikh Desai,Vishal Thakkar,Deval Trivedi

Directed By

Vaibhav Kerlekar