• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1952
  • U
  • 02h : 31m : 25s

    Audio: Hindi

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Jai (Dilip Kumar), a village boy defeats a royal, Prince Shamsher Singh (Premnath) in a fencing challenge, enraging the Prince. The Prince, a vile character, is at odds with everyone, including his own father, the King. He plots to murder his father to get to the throne, but is unsuccessful. Meanwhile, Jai falls in love with Princess Rajshree whose arrogance prevents her from acknowledging her feelings for Jai. The Prince kidnaps Mangala (Nimmi), Jai's childhood friend. To save herself, Mangala takes poison and dies. An enraged Jai goes after the Prince and kills him, prompting the Princess's ire. Can Jai turn Rajshree's heart around? Does Rajshree rise above her ego? This is an engaging tale that includes violence, abduction, homicide, betrayal and love, all blended together to form an Epic Saga.


Dilip Kumar, Prem Nath, Nimmi, Nadira, Sheela Naik, Mukri, Murad, Nilambai, Cuckoo, Maya, Abdul, Aga Mehraj, Amir Banu

Directed By

Mehboob Khan

Content Advisory

Action Drama,Classic