• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1982
  • U
  • 02h : 22m : 27s

    Audio: Hindi

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Sudhir (Amitabh Bachchan) is an orphan who resorts to petty thieving when he loses his family. A magistrate then adopts him and raises him alongside his own son, Prashant (Vinod Mehra). The boys grow up to become acclaimed doctors and fall in love with the same woman. Knowing that he owes his life to Prashant's family, Sudhir steps aside and persuades the girl to marry his brother. But later, he finds himself in a situation where he has to give up his profession and reputation to save the family that brought him up as their own.


Amitabh Bachchan,Vinod Mehra,Rakhee Gulzar,Deven Verma,Aruna Irani,Om Shivpuri,Asit Sen,Pratima Devi,Sheetal,Meena Roy,Gautam Sarin,Amarnath,Baby Khushboo,Master Mayur

Directed By

Hrishikesh Mukherjee

Content Advisory

Family Drama,Romance,Heartfelt