Anmol Ghadi

  • Romance
  • Hindi
  • 1946
  • U
  • 02h : 16m : 47s

    Audio: Hindi

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Childhood buddies, Chander (Surendra) and Lata (Noor Jehan) get separated when Lata relocates to Mumbai. Chander only has a watch as a souvenir from her. Years later, he finds employment in a small shop in Mumbai and hopes to find Lata. He's also a frequent poetry reader and wishes to meet his favourite poetess, Renuka Devi. What he doesn't know is that Renuka Devi is in fact Lata. When Renuka Devi publishes a book recounting her childhood days, Chander is taken aback by the similarities between her story and his life with Lata. He tries to get in touch with her, hoping to find his childhood lover. But there are forces working to keep them apart. Will they meet again? And most of all, has growing up changed their friendship and priorities?


Surendra,Suraiya,Noor Jehan,Leela Mishra,Murad,Zahur Raja,Noor Mahal,Bhudo Advani,Amir Banu,Anwari,Master Ghulam Mohammed,Pinchoo Kapoor

Directed By

Mehboob Khan

Content Advisory

Suspense Drama,Hidden Gem,Romance