Apna Haath Jagannath

  • Comedy
  • Hindi
  • 1960
  • U
  • 02h : 39m : 18s

    Audio: Hindi

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Dhani Ram was once a rich man but due to certain circumstances loses his money and is leading a middle class life. He wants his son Madan to take a government job after he graduates. But after his graduation Madan has to take up a manual labour job due to the on-going unemployment problem. This doesn't go down well with his father, his sister's in-laws and also the father of the girl who he is in love with. Now Madan is on his own, fending for himself. He gradually builds a laundry and printing press business. Ironically his father has to take up a manual labour job at one of Madan's shops. His father then realises the dignity of manual labour and the family finally reunites.


Kishore Kumar,Sayeeda Khan,Nasir Hussain,Leela Chitnis

Directed By

Mohan Segal

Content Advisory

Comic Action,Witty,Slow Burn Drama