• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1940
  • U
  • 02h : 25m : 52s

    Audio: Hindi

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Radha (Sardar Akhtar) is an indomitable woman, toiling away to feed her three sons and to pay off Sukhilala (Kanhaiyalal), the greedy and lecherous moneylender. Then she gets pregnant again and her husband abandons her, leaving her with four young sons. Two of them die and the other two end up becoming dacoits. Trying to avenge all that his family has gone through because of Sukhilala, the living elder son kills him and abducts his lover. Radha is appalled by this and takes a drastic step to end the cycle of violence.


Surendra,Sardar Akhtar,Yakub,Arun,Kanhaiyalal,Brij Rani,Sunalini,Vatsala Kumthekar

Directed By

Mehboob Khan

Content Advisory

Dacoit Drama,Family,Quirky