• Romance
  • Hindi
  • 1951
  • U
  • 02h : 18m : 19s

    Audio: Hindi

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A singer and dancer par excellence, Lata (Vyjayanthimala) lives with her parents who arrange her marriage with Shekhar (Pran). She initially approves of him, but shortly thereafter, meets Vasant Kumar (Karan Dewan), and they both fall in love with each other. When Shekhar finds out that Lata does not want to marry him, he is enraged and starts to investigate Vasant's background. He finds out that Vasant's real name is Ashok, who is a writer for a magazine named 'Bahar', has a relationship with a woman, and also has a son.


Karan Dewan,Vyjayanthimala,Pran,Om Prakash,Leela Mishra,Sunder,Tabassum,Chaman Puri,Indira Acharya

Directed By

M. V. Raman

Content Advisory

Romance Drama,Slow Burn,Musical