Baiju Bawra

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1952
  • U
  • 02h : 34m : 42s

    Audio: Hindi

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Baiju (Bharat Bhushan) is the son of a musician. As a young boy, he witnesses his father's murder at Emperor Akbar's palace. His father makes the mistake of singing on palace grounds, an act forbidden by the royal singer - Tansen (Surendra). Before dying, he extracts a promise from his son to avenge his death against Tansen. Baiju grows up in the house of a priest and falls in love with Gauri, a boatman's daughter. He trains under maestro Swami Haridas. Gauri hears the maestro say that Baiju needs to feel grief to channelize his music outwards, and commits suicide hoping to unleash deep anguish in Baiju through which he could defeat Tansen.Does Baiju defeat the musical genius, or is the flood of grief so immense that it propels him into further desolution?


Bharat Bhushan,Surendra,Meena Kumari,Kuldeep Kaur,B. M. Vyas,Manmohan Krishna,Radhakrishan,Bipin Gupta,Mishra,Rai Mohan,Bhagwanji,Kesari,Ramesh,Rajan Haksar,Baby Tabassum,Krishna Kumari,Nadir,K. B. Athavale,Sitaram Tikaram

Directed By

Vijay Bhatt

Content Advisory

Musical Drama,Love Story,Tragic