Bombai Ka Babu

  • Crime
  • Hindi
  • 1960
  • U
  • 02h : 17m : 44s

    Audio: Hindi

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​Babu (Dev Anand) and Malik (Manohar Deepak) are inseparable friends who grow up to follow very different paths. One becomes a police inspector while the other commits frequent heists. In an argument with his partner-in-crime, Babu accidentally ends up killing the man and afraid of getting caught, he flees from the scene. But he soon gets caught up in a mess, where he is blackmailed by a greedy man who threatens to reveal Babu's real identity to his new-found love and her family that's starting to grow on him. Meanwhile, the police are already on his chase. Watch the movie to see the drama unfold.


Dev Anand,Suchitra Sen,Nazir Hussain,Achala Sachdev,Manohar Deepak,Dhumal,Jeevan,Anwari Bai,Tun Tun,Aruna,Munni,Jagdish

Directed By

Raj Khosla

Content Advisory