• Crime
  • Hindi
  • 1987
  • 02h : 31m : 54s

    Audio: Hindi

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Young Raju saves a drowning kid and brings him to his orphanage. The kid is Vijay whose mother had died after giving birth to him and whose father was murdered. A regular orphanage visitor, Ameena (Shammi) adopts the two boys and raises them as her own. Raju (Sanjay Dutt) grows up caring for VIjay (Rohan Kapoor) like a brother and even slogs to send him to London for further studies. Meanwhile, a millionaire businessman, Rai Sahib (Pran) grieves his partner's death and hopes to find a man worthy of taking his partner's place. Rai Sahib also has a daughter named Renu (Farha Naaz) who wishes to marry Kailash (Sumeet Saigal), but Mr. Rai doesn't approve of him. So he hires Raju to create a rift between them. Raju, in need of the money, takes up the assignment. Raju and Renu end up falling in love, but Mr. Rai wants her to marry Vijay, who turns out be the son of Mr. Rai's deceased partner.


Sanjay Dutt,Farah Naaz,Om Prakash,Pran,Ranjeet,Sudhir Dalvi,Mehmood,Shammi,Vikas Anand,Satyen Kappu,Chandrashekhar,Dinesh Hingoo,Sumeet Saigal,Mehmood Jr.,Mukri,Subbiraj,Birbal,Rohan Kapoor

Directed By

Sushil Malik

Content Advisory

Action,Crime Drama