House No. 44

  • Crime
  • Hindi
  • 1955
  • U
  • 02h : 30m : 45s

    Audio: Hindi

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A petty thief, Ashok (Dev Anand) joins hands with a gangster named Sunder (Bhagwan Sinha) to execute grander heists. But soon, Ashok doesn't agree with Sunder's reckless methods, especially when he kills an innocent man and uses a harmless, naïve girl named Nimmo (Kalpana Kartik) to run dangerous errands for him. He rescues Nimmo from Sunder's clutches and invites the gangster's hostility. Nimmo urges Ashok to leave the life of crime and he does so, but doesn't last for too long with Sunder sabotaging his genuine efforts. Will Ashok ever break free from the world of crime?


Dev Anand,Kalpana Kartik,K. N. Singh,Kumkum,Rashid Khan,Sheela Vaz,Bhagwan,Kammo,Parasram,Shivraj

Directed By

M. K. Burman

Content Advisory

Crime Drama,Romance,Inspiring