Chori Chori

  • Musical
  • Hindi
  • 1956
  • U
  • 02h : 26m : 12s

    Audio: Hindi

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A spoiled heiress Kammo (Nargis) falls in love with a money-minded playboy, Sumankumar (Pran), but her father sees through the man's greed and refuses to give consent to their marriage. Kammo then runs away from home to be with Sumankumar. On the bus, she meets a handsome reporter, Sagar (Raj Kapoor), who is looking for an exclusive story that will make him famous. He sticks around Kammo for a scoop on her unusual romance. Even though they keep bickering through their adventurous journey, there is a subtle change in their relationship. Meanwhile, Kammo's father has advertised her disappearance in the newspaper and has offered a reward for news of her whereabouts. Kammo eventually returns home. But by then she is a changed woman. Does Kammo realise where true love lies? Who will Kammo choose?


Raj Kapoor, Nargis, Pran, Johnny Walker, Mukri, Gope, Master Bhagwan, David Abraham, Neelam, Amir Banu, Raja Sulochana, Raj Mehra, Indira Bansal, Maruti

Directed By

Anant Thakur

Content Advisory

Musical,Old Cheese,Classic,Feel Good