• Comedy
  • Hindi
  • 2016
  • A
  • 01h : 36m : 51s

    Audio: Hindi

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A country bumpkin Mohan arrives in Mumbai thinking that life in the city is glamourous and comfortable. But he’s miffed to see people cramped up in box-sized chawls. He meets a damsel and gets married, but his life upturns when she leaves him for reasons which are untrue and his family discards him at the same time. Crestfallen, what will Mohan do to bring back his wife and his family?


Shubham Kumar,Swati Kapoor,Uday Tikekar,Shalini Arora,Paritosh Sand,Sarika Singh,Vicky Ahuja,Shivani Gosain,Hemant Dhome,Pradeep Gupta,Pawan Sharma,Trushant Ingle,Shyam Lal,Dilip Merala,Shakti Rawal,Anushka Singh

Directed By

Sunil Subramani

Content Advisory

Social Comedy,Romance Drama