• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1968
  • U
  • 02h : 18m : 34s

    Audio: Hindi

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Visually impared Gauri (Nutan) is the only daughter of a wealthy businessman who wants to get her married but cannot find her a suitable groom. Greedy Maniram (Om Prakash) convinces his nephew Sanjeev (Sanjeev Kumar) to marry her for the dowry without telling him about her disability. When Sanjeev finds out the truth on the day of his wedding, he abandons her. Sanjeev's friend Sunil (Sunil Dutt) tries to persuade him to return to his wife, but he feels cheated. Then, on a hunting trip, Sanjeev gets injured and is presumed to be dead. To save Gauri from the heartache, Sunil pretends to be Sanjeev and starts to live with Gauri as her husband. Will she find out the truth?


Sunil Dutt,Sanjeev Kumar,Nutan,Mumtaz,Rajendra Nath,Urmila Bhatt,Om Prakash,Leela Mishra,Shivraj,Randhir

Directed By

A. Bhimsingh

Content Advisory

Marriage Drama,Family,Heartfelt