Gola Barood

  • Crime
  • Hindi
  • 1989
  • U
  • 02h : 07m : 18s

    Audio: Hindi

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A truck driver Shambhu befriends Vijay, the son of a revered police officer, after rescuing him from an unexpected criminal attack. As time passes, Shambhu turns into a hardcore criminal. Vijay becomes a Deputy Jailor and takes charge of Shambhu, and the two argue to no ends till the day a gangster Dabur kidnaps Vijay's mother. Shambu saves his mother. Their friendship, however, is put to test again when Dabur kidnaps Shambhu's sister and asks Shambhu to empty a treasury. Vijay feels that he should stop Shambu from being a part of a heist. Will Shambhu be able to save his sister? Will Vijay be able to stop Shambu?


Shatrughan Sinha,Chunky Pandey,Kimi Katkar

Directed By

David Dhawan

Content Advisory

Cop Drama,Crime,Gritty