Kasam Dhande Ki

  • Comedy
  • Hindi
  • 1990
  • U
  • 02h : 18m : 53s

    Audio: Hindi

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Drowning in debt, orphaned Satto lives with his Christian aunt and picks pockets to get by each day. One day, he sees a strong man fighting off a bunch of hooligans to save his sister. Satto learns that he's Bhola Shankar, an innocent, lost villager who has come to the city to earn a living. Satto takes him home and promises to give him a job. Satto uses Bhola to fight off the hooligans extricating money from the local shopkeepers. In exchange for their protection, Satto takes money from them. The hooligans' boss, however, is unhappy with the encroachment. Will Bhola realise he's being used by Satto for his selfish needs and will the localities rid themselves of the hooligans once and for all?


Vijayeta Pandit,Hemant Birje,Shree Pradha,Jagdeep,Gulshan Grover,Pritam Oberoi,Suresh Bhai,Tun Tun

Directed By

T. Gautam Bhatia

Content Advisory

Crime Drama,Comic Action,Romance