Nau Do Gyarah

  • Comedy
  • Hindi
  • 1957
  • U
  • 02h : 32m : 17s

    Audio: Hindi

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A wealthy heiress, Raksha (Kalpana Kartik) is a runaway bride who hides in a truck. The truck driver, Madan (Dev Anand) is on his way to his uncle's hometown to claim the wealth bequeathed to him. As the two travel together, they encounter countless adventures. Upon reaching the destination, however, Madan learns that his uncle has died under mysterious circumstances and the property has been taken over by someone else. While Madan tries to find the truth, he's arrested on the charge of kidnapping Raksha. But it's simply a plot to keep Madan out of the way. How will he uncover the truth and sort out the entire mess?


Dev Anand,Kalpana Kartik,Shashikala,Madan Puri,Jeevan,Lalita Pawar,Rashid Khan

Directed By

Vijay Anand

Content Advisory

Romantic Adventure,Action