Naya Din Nai Raat

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1974
  • U
  • 02h : 22m : 28s

    Audio: Hindi

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Sushma (Jaya Bachchan) believes that she is too young to get married, but when her father persists, she runs away from home. Her adventures take her to a lonely wealthy widower with a daughter named Guddi; a drunken lout in a brothel; a psychiatrist who admits her in his mental hospital; a dreaded bandit on a killing spree; a man who lives a double life as a priest and as a smuggler; a shunned leper who was once a wealthy and respected man; a transvestite stage actor and then, a hunter who saves Sushma's life by shooting a man-eating lion. As things spiral out of control for Sushma, there is yet another man she has to meet and it is this meeting that will change her life forever.


Sanjeev Kumar,Jaya Bhaduri,Om Prakash,Farida Jalal,Lalita Pawar,Shyama,Manorama,Tun Tun,Sunder,V. Gopal,Dilip Dutt,Keshav Rana,Dada Mirasi,Hameed,Polson,Pakkodar Kadar,Mona Saxena,Madhu

Directed By

A. Bhimsingh

Content Advisory

Adventure,Slow Burn,Situational Comedy