• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1953
  • U
  • 02h : 23m : 09s

    Audio: Hindi

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A poverty-stricken girl named Radha (Usha Kiran) has to beg for a living to feed her father and pay the rent of her shanty. A kind-hearted man named Nirmal (Dev Anand) gets her a job in a mill and eventually falls in love with her. But soon, Radha’s landlord asks her to vacate the room and when she is unable to comply, he physically assaults and impregnates her. Radha doesn't confide in anyone about it and attempts to commit suicide but another man saves her. She stays with him, gives birth to the child and later rejoins the mill. But then Nirmal comes looking for her, demanding answers. Will Radha disclose what happened? Will Nirmal accept her?


Dev Anand,Usha Kiran,Agha,Shivraj,Sophie,Lalita Pawar,B.M. Vyas,Sonny,Tiwari,Baby Chandu

Directed By

Amiya Chakrabarty

Content Advisory

Romance Drama,Old Cheese,Classic