Patthar Ke Insan

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1990
  • U/A
  • 02h : 24m : 35s

    Audio: Hindi

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Balwant Rai lives with his loving and caring daughter's Lata and Seeta. Lata is a dancer is in love with Karan and Seeta is a singer. They participate in a competition to prove themselves, where Lata wins. Seeta unable to bear her loss at the hands of her very own sister rushes off with her car, she gets followed by Lata in another car which leads to Lata knocking down the pedestrians, and then riding off the cliff of a hilltop. Lata becomes mentally unstable after she is unable to save Seeta. Balwant Rai's employee, Arjun is able to make Lata feel better. Lata gets married to Arjun and completely dishes off Karan. The shocking truth of Arjun's animosity towards the Rai family is revealed later.


Vinod Khanna,Jackie Shroff,Sridevi,Poonam Dhillon

Directed By

Shomu Mukherjee

Content Advisory

Romance Drama,Action,Slow Burn