Prem Geet

  • Romance
  • Hindi
  • 1981
  • U
  • 02h : 14m : 44s

    Audio: Hindi

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Famous poet Akash (Raj Babbar) falls in love with a dancer named Shikha (Anita Raj) during a college excursion to Shimla. His father disapproves of this and wants to get him married to another girl. Meanwhile, Shikha is diagnosed with a brain tumor and Akash hides this fact from her. Since Shikha has little time to live, Akash decides to marry her and give her all the happiness he can. He even confides in his father about her illness. But will the father agree to this marriage? What will Shikha do when she finds out the truth about her terminal illness?


Raj Babbar,Anita Raj,Madan Puri,Sowcar Janaki,Shashi Ranjan,Komal Soni,Viju Khote,Vandana Rane,Rajni Sharma,Zubeida

Directed By

Sudesh Issar

Content Advisory