Sachai Ki Taqat

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1989
  • U/A
  • 02h : 07m : 27s

    Audio: Hindi

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"The story starts with a journalist trying to collect evidence against a notorious smuggler, Dr. Narendra. The journalist gets killed by an unknown masked man, leaving his son, Sagar to avenge his father's death. And then Sagar is falsely framed in the killing of a woman named Shalini. Sagar is arrested and jailed by a constable, Ram Singh. After his interactions with Sagar, Ram Singh realizes that young Sagar is not gulity and Ram Singh starts trying really hard to prove Sagar's innocence. However, when the case is tried in court of law; the ruling is not favouring Sagar and he is sentenced with a death penalty. Will Ram Singh be able to prove Sagar's innocence? Will Sagar be able to do something to save himself and get Dr. Narendra convicted for his crimes?


Dharmendra,Govinda,Amrita Singh,Sonam,Anupam Kher,Ashok Kumar,Shakti Kapoor,Om Shivpuri,Tej Sapru,Dinesh Hingoo

Directed By

T. Rama Rao

Content Advisory

Crime Drama,Action,Heartfelt