Surkhiyaan - The Headlines

  • Crime
  • Hindi
  • 1985
  • A
  • 02h : 14m : 41s

    Audio: Hindi

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There is an ongoing turmoil between a group of people who wants to keep their newspaper running at any cost, purely for the sake of making money. Common people who are considered to be avid readers were getting bored to read the same old politics and sports stories, which were getting monotonous and repetitive. People started seeking hardcore sensational news which gets them excited enough to invest in buying a newspaper to read. The newspaper employees realize that it is impossible to create even a piece of sensational news from the dust. Suddenly the newspaper employees start witnessing a sudden rise in bank robberies, rapes, murders, etc. Will the sudden rise in such incidents boost the newspaper's demand?


Naseeruddin Shah,Moon Moon Sen,Suresh Oberoi

Directed By

Ashok Tyagi

Content Advisory

Crime Drama,Romance,Social