Tumhari Kassam

  • Crime
  • Hindi
  • 1978
  • U
  • 02h : 16m : 57s

    Audio: Hindi

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Vidya and Raju are barely able to survive the poor conditions in which they have to live. Circumstances separate the duo and they end up lost and confused. Vidya secures a job as a maid at Anand's house. Raju is forced to beg by a local gang. While Vidya was involved in her daily chores, Anand under the influence of alcohol tries to molest her. She manages to escape but is unfortunately moved down by a speeding vehicle driven by Sunil. This accident renders her visually impaired. The guilt-ridden Anand wishes to apologize to Vidya for his wrongdoings. Will Anand's apology be accepted? Will Vidya be able to reunite with her brother?


Jeetendra,Navin Nischol,Moushumi Chatterjee,Padmini Kapila,Raju Shrestha,Vimal Ahuja,Jagdish Raj,Prem Sagar,Achala Sachdev,Narbada Shankar,Leena Das,Ranjit Sood,Anand Balraj,R.S. Chopra,Master Sakka,Komilla Virk,Alka,Roopesh Kumar,Pradeep Kumar

Directed By

Ravi Chopra

Content Advisory

Family Drama,Action,Feel Good