• Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1958
  • U
  • 02h : 32m : 52s

    Audio: Hindi

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While watching the procession of the Governor of Rome named Brutus (Nasir Hussain), Ezra's son accidentally drops a stone that comes loose from his balcony over the man's head. He then gets sentenced to death on the charge of attempting murder. Ezra (Sohrab Modi) begs for his son's life, but to no avail. One of Ezra's well-wishers then kidnaps Brutus' daughter but Ezra refuses to kill her in the name of justice. He then adopts her and she grows up to become the beautiful Hannah (Meena Kumari). Not knowing who her real father is, the girl treats Ezra as her own, until a Roman prince falls in love with her. Fate brings Hannah back to her father's court who thinks she's a mere Jewish offender and sentences her to death. What will happen when Ezra reveals the truth? Will the prince and Hannah come together?


Sohrab Modi,Dilip Kumar,Meena Kumari,Nazir Hussain,Nigar Sultana,Minoo Mumtaz,Adil,Indira

Directed By

Bimal Roy

Content Advisory

Period Drama,Roman Backdrop