Zameen Ke Tare

  • Drama
  • Hindi
  • 1960
  • U
  • 01h : 45m : 54s

    Audio: Hindi

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Zameen Ke Tare is a beautiful story of friendship that revolves around two kids Chingu and Mangu who are best of friends. Chingu and Mangu are so close and they love spending time with each other. The families of Chingu and Mingu feel that the kids will grow inseparably close and their future will be ruined. Finally, when their families do not approve of their close friendship, the duo decides to leave their houses vowing never to return. However, the world is not as good as they had imagined it to be. They embark on a journey to find answers to their questions, and they feel the need to search for God in the Himalayas to find answers to their queries. Will they be able to fend for themselves in this viciously cruel world?


Daisy Irani,Honey Irani,Motilal,Achala Sachdev

Directed By

Chandulal Shah

Content Advisory

Friendship,Feel Good,Heart Touching