The Darling Wife - Promo

  • Thriller
  • Hindi
  • 2021
  • 00h : 01m : 10s

    Audio: Hindi

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When newly married Pari acts possessed by a seemingly sinister entity, her husband Aman refuses to buy it, until her experiences grow more horrifying. As Pari's behaviour worsens, so does Aman's worries. He takes her to a counselor, believing that will cure her of her mental illness. But is it all really in Pari's mind, or is there a real danger haunting her?


Amitabh Acharya,Tanika Basu,Tapas Basu,Ipsita Bhattacharjee,Swaraj Briganza,Ankita Chakraborty,Ushasie Chakraborty,Rajesh Jha,Soumya Jit,Nilankur Mukhopadhyaya

Directed By

Barshali Chatterjee