X Zone - Promo

  • Thriller
  • Hindi
  • 2020
  • 00h : 03m : 31s

    Audio: Hindi

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Diana, an uber-rich city girl nursing a broken heart, plans a surprise weekend holiday on an exotic island with her rebound boyfriend, her best friend Ishi, and Ishi's beau Sid. Sid invites two more people whose presence promises to spice up their trip. Upon reaching the location, the friends have intoxicated fun interrupted by spurts of jealousy and arguments. But they're all being blissfully unaware of something more sinister lurking around the corner that threatens to ruin not just their trip but their entire lives.


Hrishita Bhatt,Diandra Soares,Ganesh Yadav,Kapil Arya,Moin Khan,Zohaib Siddiqui

Directed By

Faisal Kapdi