Bablu - The Naughty Jin - Hindi

  • Adventure
  • Hindi
  • 2013
  • 01h : 09m : 08s

    Audio: Hindi

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Bablu, the genie, lives in Ranitaal Pur along with his older brother Bunty. Banished from town for his devilish deeds, their cunning uncle Goga, now lives in nearby Janjaal Pur along with his beautiful assistant, Ghirni. To create his fiendish genie empire, the wicked Goga needs the Chiraag or magic lamp which is safe in Ranitaal Pur, guarded by Bablu, Bunty and their friends. Watch this movie packed with comedy, action, and suspense with amazing special effects, and see how Goga’s repeated attempts are thwarted by the kids.


Animation Film

Directed By

Pankaj Sharma

Content Advisory

Chrildren's Animation,Comic Action,Magical