Bal Hanuman IV - Attack Of The Universe - Hindi

  • Adventure
  • Hindi
  • 2012
  • 01h : 09m : 00s

    Audio: Hindi

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Based in modern times, Bal Hanuman 4 - Attack Of The Universe is a 3D animation movie. Upon being advised by Bal Hanuman during one of their secret meetings, Monkey Chief, Chhote Maharaj convinces his Lieutenants Rocket and Locket to play a Kabaddi Match with crocodiles, headed by Gutter and Shutter in order to end hostility and make peace in the area. But the crocodile group wants bring alive the dreaded demon, Danavraj with the help of their new allies, the Aliens. Will Bal Hanuman be able to defeat the evil Crocs and the Aliens?


Animation Film

Directed By

Pankaj Sharma

Content Advisory

Children's Animation,Sports,Action