Bal Ganesh 3 - English

  • Adventure
  • English
  • 2015
  • 01h : 08m : 49s

    Audio: English

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Bal Ganesh is back with more stories from the childhood of Lord Ganesha. Full of action, adventure and fun, in this third installment from the franchise, alien kids from planet Zeba pay a visit to planet earth on a class excursion in search of more entertaining stories of their favorite god. They come across three mice who are the devotees of Bal Ganesh, namely Dhoti, Topi and Suit Boot. The three share stories of Bal Ganesh’s exploits with demons like Matyasur, Sindhu, Chanchalasur and more.


Animation Film

Directed By

Vijay S. Bhanushali

Content Advisory

Children's Animation,Action,Adventure