• Action
  • Hindi
  • 1966
  • 02h : 13m : 55s

    Audio: Hindi

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An ailing mother of a suave poet named Badal (Sanjeev Kumar) hands him an important amulet and asks him to present it to the Maharaja. Puzzled but dutiful, he sets off to meet the king, only to witness his murder at the hands of a royal minister. He confides in his friends about the king's murder, but fearing that the tyrannical minister might castrate him if he is denounced publically, Badal creates a pseudo-identity of a poet, Azad Shair and writes the truth through his revolutionary poetry. Will people heed the poet? Who will claim the throne? Will Badal ever declare himself? Will the minister find out the person behind the verses? The movie holds the answers to all these questions.


Sanjeev Kumar,L. Vijayalakshmi,Sheikh Mukhtar,Helen,Shammi

Directed By

Aspi Irani

Content Advisory

Period Drime,Crime,Old-Cheese