Kaala Sooraj

  • Action
  • Hindi
  • 1985
  • U/A
  • 02h : 15m : 10s

    Audio: Hindi

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Kaala Sooraj is the story of Karan- the undisputed king of the Mumbai underworld. The rise of Karan threatens, Majeed, a ruthless smuggler. Majeed starts seeking ways to assassinate Karan and get back to the top of the smuggling chain. In an attempt to capture Karan's empire, Majeed ropes in Karan's close associate Ranjeet, who lives with Karan. Majeed and Ranjeet get involved in planning to eliminate Karan. Will Majeed succeed in his sinister plans? Or will Karan be able to identify and eliminate the threat?


Shatrughan Sinha,Sulakshana Pandit,Rakesh Roshan,Amjad Khan,Om Shivpuri,Narendra Nath

Directed By

Desh Gautam

Content Advisory

Action Drama,Family,Crime