Mamachya Rashila Bhacha

  • Comedy
  • Marathi
  • 2011
  • U
  • 01h : 59m : 20s

    Audio: Marathi

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A powerful politician Jaggu Patil is foretold by an astrologer that his sister's son will bring an end to his empire. He ensures that his sister doesn't have a kid. Meanwhile, his arrogant daughter Apeksha treats everyone in her college disrespectfully, including her batch-mate Kishan, a smart guy who refuses to take her tantrums. One day, Apeksha is drugged by a man who wishes to take over her father's estate. Kishan, taking pity on Apeksha, brings her home safely. His mother, however, is shocked to see her. She confesses to Kishan about being Jaggu Nana's sister and hiding the truth from everyone for his protection. After learning about the astrologer's prediction and tired of Apeksha's attitude, Jaggu decides not only to bring down Jaggu's empire but also to marry Apeksha.


Siddharth Jadhav,Mohan Joshi,Sneha Laxmeshwar,Paddy Kamble,Vijay Patkar,Nutan Jayant,Vandana Waknis,Neha Lakhangaonkar,Vijay Gokhale

Directed By

Pramod Ramchandra Joshi

Content Advisory

Romance Drama,Superstition,Comedy