Mohabbat Aur Jung

  • Action
  • Hindi
  • 1998
  • A
  • 02h : 06m : 40s

    Audio: Hindi

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Vicky, a college student in Bombay is very famous with his fellow-students. His aggression is against other students, like Bobby and Shakti, who deal in selling drugs and molesting young women, without being corrected by the college officials. This puts Vicky in the bad books of the college and leads to a students' revolution, leading to the embroilment of police to ease the tensed situation. The following day, the college principal, Rajni Bhargav, is found deceased, and the police hold Vicky responsible as they have proof against him. Vicky is in more problem than he imagined as it is revealed that the principal's son is Police Inspector, Karan, who has vowed to beat the life out of Vicky, as well as make sure that he gets sentenced to death. Vicky insists he is innocent to no avail. And the only way he can show his innocence is by fleeing from his cell - but that will only infuriate Karan as well as make him look even more wrong in the eyes of the law. What will be Vicky's choice?


Aparajita,Mohnish Bahl,Rakesh Bedi,Rohini Hattangadi,Dinesh Hingoo,Mohan Joshi,Kanchan,Bharat Kapoor,Arif Khan,Mushtaq Khan,Neelam Kothari

Directed By

Hameed Alam

Content Advisory

Action Drama