• Action
  • Hindi
  • 1995
  • A
  • 02h : 33m : 25s

    Audio: Hindi

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Ravi Verma is an honest and diligent inspector who lives with his wife, daughter, and brother Raghuveer. Both the brothers share a strong bond. However, the bond weakens because Raghuveer often gets into fights as he can't stand injustice. He gets himself into trouble and gets his career in law jeopardized. He gets falsely framed for beating up his professor. He starts fighting against injustice with a newly formed gang of 4 members. This is when his ideals clash with the villains of the movie and they falsely accuse Raghuveer of murdering Ganpath. Later on, his brother gets murdered as well. Raghuveer escapes the prison to prove his innocence and to find the murders of his dear brother.


Sunil Shetty,Shilpa Shirodkar,Suresh Oberoi,Sudha Chandran,Mohnish Bahl

Directed By

K. Pappu

Content Advisory

Action Drama,Crime Thriller