Comedy Studio

  • Comedy Studio - Hin - Ep 21
  • Episode 021
  • 29m : 46s

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Comedy Studio is a tongue in cheek stand-up comedy show that delights in splashing together humour and irreverence to speak to more mature and discerning tastes. Artists known for sharp wits and sharper tongues get together at Comedy Studio to regale the audience with their zesty punch lines and racy banter. All this is paired with Folk Studio – a musical get away in the form of soul touching folk songs recreated by Dipti and Band – and see the magic unravel


Hosts - Balraj Syal & Kangana Sharma | Performers - Sanjeev Attri,Rajiv Thakur,& Harish A Tiwari | Music - Deepti Tulli & Goonj Band - Lakshay Chouhan,Nitin Bhagat,Abhishek Kumar & Akshay Joshi

Directed By

Team DG / Creative Mafia

Content Advisory

Stand Up Comedy,Musical,Strong Language