Paanch Namune

  • Comedy
  • Hindi
  • 19 Episodes

    Audio: Hindi

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The show Paanch Namune is a show that deals with five specimens belonging to a particular profession or a category. In this episode five types of bosses are explained in funny manner. Enjoy these types - Joker boss, Gabbar boss, Kanya Kumari boss, Malik boss, and Meethi Chhuri boss to find out why they are called with such weird names.


Rajesh Jaggi,Bharat Chawla,Vikas,Bhushan Phutela,Santosh Kumar,Naresh Kumar,Sayandeep Sen,Amit Khanna,Sheetal Desai,Bhavya Mishra,Satish Chikle

Directed By

Pankaj Saraswat,Abhishek Khairkar,Mohnish Saraswat,Asif Hussain