Paanch Namune

  • 5 Types Of Waiters
  • Episode 006
  • 00h : 05m : 27s

The show Paanch Namune is a show that deals with five specimens belonging to a particular profession or a category. Watch this series with such mix and matched specimens and their funny interpretations as you know more about them.

KT,Manish Ramnani,Sayandeep Sen,Satish Chikle,Bharat Chawla,Sheetal Desai,Naresh Kumar,Bhushan Phutela,Brahma Swarup,Bhavya Mishra,Divya Sehgal,Amar Chaudhary

Directed By:
Pankaj Saraswat,Abhishek Khairkar,Mohnish Saraswat,Asif Hussain

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