Singhasan Battisi

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As soon as Raja Bhoj approaches Singhasan Battisi to sit on it, the apsaras block his way and narrate stories of King Vikramaditya one by one, telling him to ascend the throne only if he is as magnanimous as their king. The first story, narrated by Chitralekha, is about the king’s attempt to catch hold of Betal, a corpse hanging from a tree, at the request of a sage. The second story, narrated by Chandrakala, is the story of the intelligent way in which Vikramaditya solves a dispute between Efforts (Purusharth) and Fate (Bhagya). The third story, narrated by Kamkandana, is about the king’s sacrificial nature and how he uses the magical earring gifted to him by Sun God.

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