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  • 100 Male Ka Tower
  • Episode 028
  • 00h : 06m : 40s

Age Ratings : All Ages Pragati presents some mindless headlines, followed by the breaking news about a builder who built a 100-storey tower but is now frustrated since very few flats have been sold. One man who has purchased a flat on the 99th floor is repenting his decision. Watch the episode as Pragati talks to the proprietor of Lota builders Pvt. Ltd. and the apartment dweller and get your daily dose of laughter.

Sugandha Mishra,Shishir Gosh,Rahul Ingle,Ahmad Syed

Directed By:
Pavan Meshram,Pankaj Saraswat,Deba B,Mohnish Saraswat,Asif Hussain

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